Gold nuggets

Going For gold ?

Are you looking for opportunities of all kind to find the real stuff ?
Have you been seeking among the fake, the blink and the dust?

Then you are in the right place.


About me

Hi, I am nugget, a gold nugget.

A natural piece of native gold.

Watercourses often content nuggets and finer gold recovered by placer mining.

Gold nuggets are also found in residual deposits with gold-bearing veins or lodes.

Or left in the tailing piles of other gold mining dredges.

The search for golden nuggets can well be compared to affiliated marketing.

About this site

For gold addresses the solopreneur who wants to set up an online business with his own services, products and affiliated links.

The difficult part is the hosting and the web building. Especially for newbies

In our search we have chosen to work with the wealthy affiliate platform and to help others find their way.

And we will try to trace our journey in the search for golden nuggets.

About the wealthy affiliates

The great news is that the wealthy affiliates offer you a free hosting and training that can be extended by a premium membership. A great place to try with the help of a very active community.

Let it be said, there is no place for scam. And it is hard work. Not one shot.

The advanced user however might find the limits of a stirred membership and yet the comfort of 24/24 support.

Any question or comment?

Just leave me a note and I will try to help you out.
All the best,



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