Gold, a road to success

A road to success.

One byte a day, the ant eats the elephant.

On the road to success

Many dream of a website, making it their main income…

Since technical stuff comes along, i decided to make a practical site about a platform that gives you the right tools to do so at lesser costs. And that helps you with extended instruction and education tools.

To do so, I have choosen to build an affiliated website with WA (click link and try this platform for free) – the wealthy affiliates ( more links below).

By keeping a journal with the steps taken,  the difficulties encountered, the ups and downs, I hope to help many, less familiar with the technical and financial aspects of a site.

So, let us dig for gold together.

Dig dig dig (at the right pace and place) and then… ding ding ding (gold, whatever that means for you)

Just come along! And let me know if you enjoy.


My elephant keeps walking, ringing a bell.


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